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Our expenses and regular operating costs far outweigh the income generated by entrance fees. Your donation helps us to meet our monthly expenses and will ensure that Mikvah Aziza can continue to serve our entire community.

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Mikvah Aziza

In 2013 Sydney’s Jewish community received a special gift - the opening of Mikvah Aziza at 662 Old South Head Road, Rose Bay. With its modern, spa-like facilities, peaceful and spiritual surroundings, and the convenience of the secure Rose Bay location, the Mikvah was a welcome addition to the Sydney community. It is with great joy that the Mikvah has recently re-opened.

The Mikvah is the cornerstone of Jewish Family life and the foundation of Jewish continuity. It is the ancient Jewish method guiding the intimate relationship between husband and wife. The Mikvah is used by brides before their marriage and by married women for the duration of the child-bearing years. With the mitzvah of immersing in the Mikvah, women bring tranquility and harmony to their families and enhance the quality of married life.

We work on strengthening our families and community by enhancing observance of Taharat HaMishpacha. The Mikvah is managed by Rivka Ray and Halachic supervision is under Rabbi Yehoshua Niasoff, under the auspices of the Sydney Beth Din.

Mikvah Aziza at 662 Old South Head Road, Rose Bay has resumed for 2020. Please click here to view our Mikva-run informational portal for further details:

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